Things to remember in South Dakota

Things to remember in South Dakota

There are many and varied trails that are sure to reward your efforts as an experienced hiker or beginner. The people of South Dakota are familiar with the trails of their state and everyone goes from their favorite, often numerous, paths leading to waterfalls and natural pools to those offering breathtaking views, conducive to spectacular photos. Here is a selection of the favorite places of the natives. You can also check the link regarding all the aspects of the natural features.

Community Caves that you may visit

These caves are located along Spearfish Canyon’s secondary tourist road, at the end of a small rocky trail that you will have to climb a little less than one kilometer. Drive to the mile marker and park on the roadside parking lot. Then cross the road on foot and look up to see the waterfalls, the destination to reach. After an invigorating ascent to the Community Caves in Spearfish Canyon, hikers can relax by bathing at the foot of the waterfall.

The amazing crow Peak Trail

This trail, which overlooks the Spearfish Canyon, is open to pedestrians, bicycles and horses. It stretches for about five kilometers and extends for eight kilometers to Beaver Ridge. With a vertical drop of 500 meters, the climb is tough. The Forest Service classifies the trail as difficult, but according to hikers, the views it offers reward all efforts. Go past Bridal Veil Falls and continue to Cleopatra Place to find the trailhead. After 1.6 kilometers, the trail crosses Sunshine Creek. Once at your destination, you will discover a natural pool of fresh water. So, plan a little time to swim (water up to the waist).

You must visit the black Elk Peak

The 5.6-kilometer climb to the highest peak (2,208 meters) of the US portion of the Rockies will allow you to cross the wilderness of the Black Elk Wilderness Area in the heart of the Custer State Park. A subscription to the national parks is required at some starting points of the trail, which, despite a consequent unevenness, becomes difficult only towards the end. This hike to the summit of Black Elk Peak leads to the highest forest fire monitoring post in the Black Hills.

Custer State Park is a must visit

The path to this Black Hills natural pool is relatively short and easy if you stop at the parking lot at the edge of South Rockerville Road and get off at Battle Creek. The hike will be more difficult from Highway 40. Anyway, happiness awaits you on arrival: swimming, diving and sunbathing in a sublime site. Two routes (one easy, one more difficult) lead to the refreshing waters of this natural pool. Also located on the Spearfish Canyon site, the Roughlock Falls Trail (1.6 km) is particularly beautiful in the fall, when trembling aspen and paper birch trees show off their entire splendor. It is in this region that the farewell scenes of the movie “Dance with Wolves” were filmed.